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Spearheading a six-figure out-of-home advertising campaign

The District Department of Energy and the Environment awarded Casey Trees a grant to plant trees on residential property throughout DC at absolutely no cost to the homeowner. To raise awareness and solicit program participation, Casey Trees launched an out-of-home advertising campaign on Metro buses, by Capital Bikeshare racks, and on digital live boards in Metro stations.


Abby served as the sole graphic designer for all platforms, the advertising coordinator with Outfront Media, and a collaborator in developing the messaging and copywriting.

Wards 5, 7, and 8 are historically underserved and residents have less access to healthy tree canopy in these areas. The goal was to solicit homeowners in these wards to sign up for the program.

To reach the target audience, the campaign targeted bus routes, metro stations, and bike racks in the target neighborhoods. The messaging for Free Trees is direct, appeals to Washingtonians who can identify the unique map shape, and is tailored to each medium.


Inquiries for program participation increased by 120% in target wards compared to previous smaller scale marketing strategies.




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