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Digital strategy for an annual horticulture celebration

Every year, the High Line presents a summer-long horticulture celebration on the park. Throughout the season, the High Line hosts special programs—horticulture tours, family workshops, species signage—to engage visitors. In 2023, Abby extended this celebration of native plants to the High Line's digital audiences.



  • Creating visual content: Abby produced videos for social media to highlight select plant species, sharing interesting facts about their ecological value and where to find them on the park. 

  • Producing interviews: Abby and her team conducted interviews with horticulturists and transcribed the conversations, collecting interesting pull-quotes along the way. She shared these stories with professional portraits to humanize these meticulously designed and maintained gardens.

  • Connecting with audiences: Through this strategic mixture of storytelling and educational content, Abby aimed to entice locals to visit while simultaneously providing educational value and interest to a far-reaching global audience. (Less than 30% of the High Line’s digital audience is local to New York City.)

  • Soliciting engagement: In a city-wide campaign (#votewildflowernyc) with cultural institutions from each borough, the High Line nominated the butterfly milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) to become New York City’s official wildflower. This initiative raised awareness about native species and their impact on our city. Through Abby’s promotion on social media, combined with her team’s complementary digital outreach, the butterfly milkweed won the popular vote!

Explore #highlinenativeplants to learn about the High Line’s plants and the people who care for them!

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